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BBS, or Bodu Bala Sena, otherwise known as Buddhist Power Force, is a Buddhist supremacist group accused of stirring sectarian hatred in Sri Lanka. Led by a monk, Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero, BBS accuses Sri Lanka’s Muslims of threatening the nation’s Buddhist identity, and enjoys support at high levels. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the President’s brother who also serves as Secretary of Defense, has been an outspoken supporter of BBS in the past.
Sometimes it’s greed and political calculation at work: If we call climate change a hoax, we keep the riches flowing to the fossil fuel industry. Sometimes it’s a search for answers (if a child develop autism someone must be to blame) coupled with a know-nothing carnival barker like Jenny McCarthy. And sometimes it’s religion.

Youth in interfaith dialogue: Intercultural understanding and its implications on education in the Philippines | Jayeel Cornelio - 

Unlike the popes that came before him for hundreds of years, Benedict quit his post. He quit being Jesus Christ’s human representative. Had I stayed Christian, his leaving would have deeply troubled me. Here was a man who was throwing away a divinely ordained commission because he was, as he says, too sick to go on. Too sick to be supported by God, apparently.

Do People Get Less Religious When Societies Grow More Egalitarian?  

Slowly but surely, religion’s historical monopoly on the human mind is breaking apart. On its surface, the reason seems straightforward: the rise of secular democracy and especially of scientific understanding should encourage more people to give up on religion. 

(via Alternet)

Public challenges to Christianity in Africa 

It is a shaky world we live in. And Africa is among the shakiest of the contenders for a prominent place in the sun in the twenty-first century. It will do none of us in Africa any good to stay out of these processes, nor can we allow ourselves to be excluded from them. This produces the kind of pressure that pushes demands for liberal democracy, market economies, and open trade policies upon African nations. The pressure is real in the sense that no economy can do the job it needs to do for a developing country and a largely poor population without significant interaction with the powerful economies or corporations of the world. But it is also and coercive in the sense that powerful economies or corporations either offer strong incentives or threaten serious sanctions, or both, to push for changes which will benefit them. 

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The Constitution provides for a wall of separation between church and state. A priest cannot violate the law in the guise of criticizing a senator-judge with the ulterior motive of promoting his own political agenda.


 Buddhist Singing Bowl

Richard Dawkins's refusal to debate is cynical and anti-intellectualist 

Ironically, there is nothing substantively new about the New Atheists either. Despite its self-congratulatory tone, The God Delusion contains no original arguments for atheism. Summarising what he calls “the central argument of my book”, Dawkins insists that even without an entirely convincing explanation for the fine-tuning in physics, the “relatively weak” explanations we have at present are clearly better than “the self-defeating … hypothesis of an intelligent designer”. 

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