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Anonymous said: Is it weird that the loner finds himself lonely?

There is no shame in being lonely; it is no less strange that a loner would eventually feel lonely. The only real advice to give is to find a way to feel something else, or else to remedy the loneliness. 

Be careful, though—sometimes people change. High school friends start turning into jerks in college or something, and while you leave them messages every so often, they never get back to you. That pesky little seen message is all you get, and you are simultaneously pissed off and deeply saddened—yeah, that sucks. Big time. 

Or when you burn credit on sending them a message because they use another cellular network, and they never have the decency to return a call or even text back, or at least find some way to get back to you. You think, hey, they must be busy and try to move on, but you cannot just shake that feeling that they just do not care anymore. 

Then you go back on Facebook and see in pictures on your feed how much fun they seem to be having with their new friends—the ones who were never there when aforementioned friend broke down or ever needed support. Just, who the hell do they think they are? Then everything starts making sense. 

Everyone moves on, and nobody cares about the loners who rarely even reach out. It must be said now that, sorry, people like us are doomed. No matter what we do, trying to remedy the loneliness only makes us more lonely. Find a hobby—something that will not end up disappointing you. 

But I guess I answered beyond the scope of your question. [ And I intentionally held off answering this until it made sense to me. ] Be well, lonely friend. Avsked! 

Anonymous said: This profound emptiness--how do I make it go away, except for temporary forgetfulness? How to make sense of sadness that doesn't even have a reason at all?

It is difficult for me to answer this question myself, as I cannot seem to shake off the profundity of the emptiness or the emptiness of the profundity. 

To make sense of an inexplicable sadness, one must first venture into what sadness is. Once the relationship between a person and such a sadness is acknowledged, it becomes that much easier to figure out what to do. Personally, distractions seem to be the only way out of the void. Somehow I think that sadness is how workaholics are born. 

Whatever the case, I wish you the deepest of apologies, as I have not answered your question thus definitively, and I wish you much luck in your quest to alleviate yourself of the sadness. Take care. 

Anonymous said: 3 non-essential, material things YOU JUST CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT?

This is a tricky question to answer, ‘cause validating my materialism would somehow undo my recent actions against it, but: 

  • a laptop [ which one depends on the setting ] 
  • silver rings [ again, setting ] 
  • my copy of The Catcher in the Rye

Anonymous said: favorite song from more a more obscure musical?

It changes with the times, but right now: 

  • [link] favorite song from a more obscure musical 
  • [link] favorite song from a more obscure musical by a notable composer 
  • [link] favorite more obscure song from a musical 

Anonymous said: Hey, Aris, it's been a while. I hope you're doing well in your busy 24 (?) unit course, I hope your love for chemistry has only grown, and I hope you're still as kind and thoughtful and thirsty for knowledge as ever. Anyway, it seems like you're really thriving in college, like you're surrounded by people who nurture what's great in you. That's good, and I just felt like dropping by to say that I'm proud you're my friend and I hope you're doing well. Take care! - Gyarados

Technically, twenty-three, but the program I’m taking requires twenty academic units per regular semester for the first two years. My appreciation for chemistry has, definitely, deepened—and now I can express it better to others. :] 

I wouldn’t actually know where to begin defining thriving, because it’s really just a mix of things—both things that make me feel like I’m doing a good job, and those that make me feel like I’m a terrible person. I just hope to take after the more positive notes. 

Thank you for your friendship; do drop a line in person sometime. You take care as well! :D 

Anonymous said: Is this love or nothing more than hormonal urges?

Love itself is an urge—whether or not you want it to be defined solely by hormones is up to you. 

Anonymous said: sometimes I want a hug even if I'm not a hugger. sometimes I just want intimacy. just because I am alone doesn't mean I don't want to feel loved.

Nobody said that those who find themselves alone do not want to be loved; the huge secret conflict underlying society is that while everybody wants to be loved, only some are seen as deserving of it. 

Intimacy is no small thing to ask, but try asking anyway. You may be alone, but friends—especially the good, understanding ones—would never turn you down. Try seeking solace in them; tell them about being alone. 

Is it weird that the loner finds himself lonely?

You sound like a friend of mine. 

Let me tell you a little bit about my high school life; I fancied myself an outcast to the social schema of my school at the time because I could talk to whomever I pleased. In senior year, I didn’t really belong to a clique because I had a few good friends in a lot of those. I was something of a loner, and I was content with that. 

Being lonely was a state I was in even when surrounded by people; it is not anything to fear. Some loners don’t feel lonely, simply because they don’t feel the need to be with others; other loners are inherently lonely because there is the need for connection. Open yourself up to chance encounters with others—friend or otherwise—and maybe you’ll find what you need. 

Anonymous said: Maybe I don’t quite know you beyond the words that you leave behind for everyone to read, and maybe to try to understand somebody else’s sadness is as futile and doomed to failure as trying to cradle the world in your palms, but—for what the opinion of a stranger is worth, and for reasons that only somebody who is not you can see so well—I think you’re amazing, and lovely, and brilliant.

You address me as a stranger, but reach out to me as a friend; you are a very kind stranger, and a more gentle friend. Thank you for your own thoughtful words; I will keep them with me. :] 

wellareyou replied to your post: reality check aris no one fucking cares about your…

isn’t it wonderful!

Yes indeed 

 dudewheresmyhouse replied to your postreality check aris no one fucking cares about your…

You okay?
Better now, thank you 

a haiku about refrigerators




they keep things cool when you can’t 

blow up all you want 

and this reminds me of the haiku you shared to us last semester:

this is a haiku

it doesn’t make any sense


haikus are funny 

sometimes they count as poems 

(that’s two syllables) 

 tinyaquarium replied to your posta haiku about refrigerators

my brother aris, thinks he is so so so deep, i will blow him up

eldest sister Ain 

the one with a rabbit face 

finds the artifact 

tinyaquarium replied to your photo: Consumerism; consumerism everywhere. Stop ruining…


Don’t you have a foreign boyfriend now or something? Besides, you take care of yourself just fine 

tinyaquarium replied to your post: You.  Yes, you.  How are you?  [ I miss you. ] 


Omg are you judging me? 

 tinyaquarium replied to your photoThis is how I will be spending free time at home…

Is this for a class? Is this a career path? Is this a nerd hobby? NERD.
I could feel you judging me. 
[ I secretly hold on to the hope of becoming a web developer… not. ] 

 downontheupside replied to your postCode

Aaaand congratulations. :] :))
Thank you! ^  ^ 
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