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Name's aris. 19940218.
I'm kinda pathetic.

I don't always follow back, but I still interact with people.

Welcome to my little corner of Alternity.

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very unstable . pretty erratic . slightly hedonistic

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This is a study of relativistic curvatures of planars in space. Just kidding; the warp just affected the top half of the photo is all.

So I was tagged by Teb and… well, penmanship. I hereby backtag Teb, and tag JV, Simon, Thea, and Benji. Are you lot still lurking about? Hahaha!

  • the color of math. 
  • the color of midnight movies. 
  • the color of 22 April 2013. 
  • the color of my cellphone casing. 

About Yourself

People really piss me off sometimes. They say I am free to get it off my chest, when in fact they just plan to use it against me—to villainize and alienate me. I just cannot bring myself to look at my parents right now—either of them, really—after asserting my own will on my own life. 

I really ought to respect myself more, because in all I think I already have given up. I am a lost cause. 

Future me: I hope you finally get what you want. Fuck knows people will convince you that you want other things. I hope you realize which thoughts are your own. 

Bad night. Quite a bad night. I just hope it would not get any worse from now on. I just give up; I am so tired. 

checklist for the day

Didn’t get much sleep, so I might as well dive in. 

  • Project: Overhaul [ day two ] 
  • phone for project venues 
  • finalize correspondence 
  • frikking get my act together because school resumes next week and i can’t afford to be nocturnal anymore asdflksdfi 

Otherwise, it’s a lovely morning—and I wish I didn’t have to do anything today.

Once again I have no New Year’s resolutions; I just have to motivate myself to do whatever I will. All I’m really aiming for this time around is greater investment in chemistry as well as in writing, ‘cause that’s pretty much what I have going for me right now. If anything else comes up, I’ll take that too. 

This is going to be an excellent year. :] 

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