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Posts tagged frag

Fragments 005 

  • Everything was so new to us; we didn’t know where to begin. We decided to start with the basics—the tourist thing to do. We took nervous pictures of everything, forgetting that the cold sharp winds would bite at our fingers. We breathed as though breathing was new to us, and at that point, it really was. 
  • Explorations started in small circles at first. We were just dawdling around near the entrance, waiting for something amazing to happen—or not. Hesitation would have been the death of us, and we decided that if we were to die, we wouldn’t die by being idle. 
  • Eventually we decided to go the farthest we could possibly go—kilometers away in one direction, the direction less preferred by the crowds; they would hold us back. We packed the maps and guides away; we wouldn’t need the reading material anyway. This was our dare; this was our way. We had hiked across the longest distance in the shortest amount of time, and we were tired. We had reached the end, and this was the only time we used our maps to figure out where we were. We were at the fringes; we went beyond the area covered by the guide. 
  • We didn’t budget our time well. We had less than the amount of time we had to go up the craggy wall than we had to go down it. We would have gotten into trouble too, but we were caught up with feeling so alive, that we didn’t give a damn. We just lived because we could, and noticed every fleeting glimmer of life. 
  • We took a chance, albeit just for a couple of hours. We proved to the worlds within our heads that the world without them was incomparable. Adventure never was meant to be taken so lightly, but we were tense—tense and hesitant. The only thing left to do was fly, and fly we did, right down the slope.

Fragments 004 

  • He pulled me away from the larger group and said that it wouldn’t be fun with such a crowd. With me steering, we ended up peeking around alleyways and peering through shop displays, so much so that, at one point, we were cornered into buying expensive tea. We didn’t, but it was nice to know that there was expensive tea. We didn’t actually talk too much, but when we did, we’d always burst out laughing like idiots. It was nice; it doesn’t feel as lonely to be with just one other person who’s willing to be as strange. 
  • Our group was always dynamic. As cliché as it is, despite our drastically opposing personalities, we still managed to function as a team. There was never a dull moment. At one point, we decided to hang around a dangerous rock formation near the edge of an island within a lake within a park compound, and we were doing all sorts of nonsense. It was fun; it was relieving; it helped that we were taking pictures, no matter how shitty. It was only later on that we found out that the area was off-limits. 
  • I always stick my tongue out at the camera, even if it is my own in someone else’s equally-clumsy hands. I always had this problem with people randomly taking photos of me personally, for no apparent reason—it messed with my inner paranoid freak. My reaction is an immature display of saliva and taste buds. Maybe subconsciously, I think that’ll get the point across, but it’s pretty useless considering my play is considered amusing and not so much threatening. Then again, the finger was never really my thing anyway. Or wait, I’m sure there are a couple of shots of that, too. 

Fragments 003 

  • For some weeks, this was to be our home, and this map was set in gold and chrome. The streets were paved with ambition, and the walls were painted with history, but we saw none of it until we felt closely. 
  • We weren’t the only strangers looking for places to go; we weren’t the only people with lives to live. There were so many beautiful people around who didn’t even know of their own strange allure. I never expected to notice, but there were just some feelings I couldn’t shake. 
  • We were too busy getting lost. “Always take the path less travelled,” he kept insisting, but for some reason, our paths always seemed to cross. The path less travelled was not a path at all, but a pact. Those who choose to travel the road less travelled would find themselves lonely, but never alone.

Fragments 002 

  • I don’t actually know them all too well, but they’re really patient. The androgynous teachers were trying to understand the concept of kilig as well as gigil the following night, when others decided to ship them. Naturally, there are photos of that night, in other cameras but mine. 
  • Our Marketing & Business Management teacher is usually alone, for some reason. We usually encounter him at less-crowded areas, which makes for good conversation. 
  • It’s actually been a while since these two were my teachers. In first year, the advanced class system still existed, and I had three out of five; these are two of the advanced teachers who taught me, in math and science. Now, they’re our Math Theories & Application and Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century teachers, respectively. It’s nice getting to be their student again. 
  • The likenesses were so uncanny, and I was creeped out. The headaches persisted, but went away with time. My friend wanted a photo with both James Bond and Ipman; he’s the only other person I’ve photographed in the wax museum. 
  • It was a shopping street, but there were so many back-alleys and sidestreets that had stuff well within my spending range. Mostly, it was food-tripping, because clothes aren’t really my schtick. This was actually a failed photo; I forgot the circumstances that led to such crappy photography.

Fragments 001

  • Our teachers are really good at what they do, and at knowing what to make us do, as well. 
  • He was standing still a couple of seconds before I took this shot; he started moving when he saw my camera. A middle-aged foreign couple was sharing a laugh about us somewhere behind us, knowing full well that we could understand them.  
  • He was supposed to be straight-faced, until a certain trickster (left) said something laugh-worthy. 
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