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very unstable . pretty erratic . slightly hedonistic

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Views from Pluto

When I went to visit her, I told her that she’d never have to be alone as long as I wasn’t with her. She didn’t know what I meant at first, but she didn’t have to think so hard about it, either.

We spent the first hour in silence, which she appreciated,…

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Systematic Paralysis 

The hours pass by so slowly when you’re running out of things to do. Is this how being dead feels like? Scratch that, I don’t want to know. 

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The passing days and passing hours
Steering closer to disaster
They don’t know what they are after
They don’t know what should
Come after 

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These ears hear but cannot listen, even to the euphonious melodies of silence. When soft words are spoken in a voice so comforting, they warm—even in anguish as you say my name, I cannot help but feel everything all over again. Your melodies still ring fresh in my mind’s ears. 

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The silence resounds
Echoing through the airs
Carry voices to their homes 

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Something is wrong
With words we whisper in silence
They cannot live
And yet they take lives of their own
Ape sentience
But not as our nature would be
Here our image
Rather hear of our images 

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But strangers
They know you well
For what not you know yourself

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Pancake Habit 

There was a twinkle in her mother’s eyes as she glanced at her daughter’s already-tired face. Psyche just watched at a distance while her mother went back to flipping. A minute or so later, a mid-sized black dog silently made its way down the stairs, its tongue dangling down one side of its mouth. It was licking Psyche’s hand as soon as it reached her. 

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Without Life 

The volcanoes start to howl their war song to the river valleys, threatening pain when none ought to be felt. Glowing red rock flows down the increasingly solemn façade of rage, molten tears inspiring repentance. The fury recedes, at the cost of sadder tears, cooler tempers.

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Soon enough the time for heroes will be over
Soon enough the need for darknesses will be through
Soon enough the spirits themselves will be sober
Soon enough the universes can start anew
If faith as a power or skill or means is used
The architects of the worlds ought to be amused 

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