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Peter Wheeler’s End of Days

Quite possibly the most bizarre vehicle to ever actually be built, the TVR Scamander RRV (Rapid Response Vehicle) was Peter Wheeler’s last project before he died. The project was started in 2003 and has been a work in progress up until now.

The idea is a go anywhere vehicle. Rough land, asphalt, and water is no match for the Scamander. It’s a one-off vehicle that was tested on Peter Wheeler’s own farm and is completely amphibious.

The details of the “car” are many. It has 11-inches of ground clearance, 11” travel in the front, 15” travel in the rear, double wishbone suspension all around, a pickup truck style bed, a sliding canopy, 3-seats with driver front & center, one seat folds down for a stretcher, and it has a mid-mounted 300hp V6 engine to which a rear propeller is attached.

Instead of side & rear view mirrors it has cameras with video screens inside and the driver visibility is unmatched due to panoramic windows and additional windows in the front wheel wells to see exactly what you’re driving over.

The Scamander looks like it was built in another galaxy and delivered to earth through a wormhole. This vehicle could probably make its way across Mars (if there was any air and water of course). Can you say Hollywood appearance?

The only unfortunate thing, Peter Wheeler never got to see the vehicle finished as he died in 2009 but thanks to his team of extraordinary engineers who have spent most of the 21st century making this vehicle a reality, it’s finally finished.

Check out some of the videos on youtube below.

video 1 | video 2 | video 3

That is bizarre, yet oddly beautiful. 


Macro Photographs That You Will Love

Macro photography is a different style of photography, basically it is a close-up photography, in which the photographer try to show us the parts of little object which is not possible to see from naked eye. In modern use it refers to a finished photograph of a subject at greater than life size. 


Multiple Years Captured in a Single Photograph

by Michael Wesely


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