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Updated Poster/Line up by Rob Cham

I’d go, but then I have my priorities all figured out for that day already. Hnn… .


Updated Poster/Line up by Rob Cham

I’d go, but then I have my priorities all figured out for that day already. Hnn… .




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A++++ Mom. Good Quality Parenting. First Class. 

I may be taking this too seriously, but actually, sirrah implies inferiority. Wherefore cannot be used as a general sentence starter; it is context-specific. This post is a farce.

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cant get myself to study Philo -_-


The amount of work given to us this weekend is numbing—not to mention tomorrow’s college entrance test. Urgh.


The new Justice League, after the reboot in September. Martian Manhunter went off and joined Stormwatch, and this Flash is Barry Allen instead of Wally West. I actually like the changes they made to Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman’s costumes. What are your thoughts?

This actually doesn’t seem that bad, but I’m wondering how all these arcs will be sorted out when the reboot comes.

I mean, right now, I’m sort of keeping up with Batman’s The Road Home arc, and I don’t know what the point of it is anymore, with this massive reboot on the horizon. Plus, Blackest Night and Brightest Day were Lantern’s more notable arcs. What of those now?

When people tell me Gays don’t have a choice.





I’m sure I’ll lose a lot of followers, but I don’t care.

Seriously? So, you’re telling me when a boy is 4 years old, he knows he wants a dick in his ass? You’re telling me when a girl is 4 years old, she knows she wants a dildo in her vagina? Hahah. No. The reason you ‘think’ they are born gay is because of the society today. Those kids born, DO NOT know they are going to be gay until they realize when they are OLDER that they want to be GAY. WANT. None of them were born ‘gay’. For real? Shut the fuck up with that shit. I CHOSE to be straight. CHOSE. Was not BORN straight. You people are dumb. I don’t care if it’s a ‘sciencetific fact’. They like to make shit up, to seem cool. But, no. That’s just my opinion.

i’m pretty sure 4 year old boys don’t want to stick their dick in a vagina either… 

also, “make shit up to seem cool”. ok lol

“I don’t care if it’s a ‘scientific fact’.” is a sentence which perfectly encapsulates what is wrong with the world today.

If you say homosexuality is a choice, then you should be able to answer the questions “So when did you decide to be straight?” or “What made you sure you’re straight if you’ve never tasted dick?”

  1. I don’t think toddlers think about sex.
  2. Google: “love map developmental psychology gay gene”.
  3. Saying homosexuality is a choice basically implies you have bisexual tendencies that you’re obviously repressing.
  4. Psychological studies show that there is no definite gene, but there are certain triggers that could bring the trait to surface.
  5. Society is intended to be a progressive entity—sure, there are choices that have to be made, but when have you decided to be un-gay for a day?
  6. You are obviously a bigot.
  7. 'Yun lang. Tae na lang talaga kung wala kang balak maunawain.

Ten Words You Need to Stop Misspelling



Effect is always a noun. Affect, on the other hand is almost always a verb. On the rare occasion of it acting as a noun, affect would refer to a disposition or manifest emotion of a subject.

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Mark Cohen :3

I wrote an essay about Mark Cohen-brand isolationism for our Psychology elective class. Something must be wrong with me. But screw it, Mark’s my favorite RENT character. 8D


I hate you

But it doesn’t have eight letters, nor is it three words…

It is okay.

How important is gender? 

Julie Bindel and Oliver James discuss the merits or otherwise of keeping a child’s sex secret.

Julie Bindel: Time to end our gender obsession

Differences between the behaviour of boys and girls are not biological truths, but modern versions of old sexist ideas about how women should behave. Science is part of culture and is itself massively influenced by sexist stereotyping. There is no such thing as a male brain and a female brain, only brainwashing. Both women and men are severely punished for stepping out of line in terms of what is seen as appropriate male and female behaviour. Go into any schoolyard and hear the taunting of boys and girls who transgress.

Oliver James: Dismissing gender is easier said than done

An unavoidable component of the largely unconscious projections parents make towards their children is gender. Depending on their own experience of siblings and their own parents, a newborn’s parents will bring all kinds of hidden assumptions to bear if told “it’s a boy” rather than “it’s a girl”, when it pops out of the womb. Since parents cannot avoid knowing their child’s gender, these will strongly influence how they relate to each child, however much they may try to override them. And for better or worse, this will enable the infant to develop a sense of self.

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All the concerns that could be raised regarding this topic are discussed here, but the comments section is pretty disappointing/frustrating.

It’s a utopian thought—it really is—but idealism is so easily put down with the realities of today.

Don’t we need water to live, though?

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For Good - Glee Cast Version (Chris Colfer and Lea Michele)



This is very, very good. I like it.

I may not like Glee itself, but hey—they make good covers.

Just a thought though—if they cover a Bare song in a ridiculously-written episode, I will have very conflicted feelings, because I know they can pull it off well, but I don’t like the story.

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