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very unstable . pretty erratic . slightly hedonistic

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Status: Useless.

Mother has decided that she wants to control my life more than I can. I am trying to be a good son and compromise, so that she still gets what she wants, but she keeps on throwing these fits that don’t actually have a reason. She makes up the issues just so that she could get angry at me. 

I have been doing my part, taking charge of the decisions in my life, and she brings up these trivialities; it is stressful and unwarranted. I know she means well, but when she has to destroy my mood over an issue that shouldn’t even be an issue, it feels like she’s demeaning me and my own power over my own life. 

I am sorry, mother, but you really have no right to bring me down right now; to think I was doing so well.

I had a terrible attitude. I was so aggressive.

The Unfortunate Implications.

  • There is a reason to be ashamed of my pride. 
  • My fictions are extensions of your life full of lies. 
  • My fighting spirit is inspired by your rigid stubbornness. 
  • I care too much, and I feel too much. 
  • You care in the wrong way; you feel for no reason.

They say menopause affects only women; I beg to disagree.

  • Your mood swings affect us all
  • You don’t see how goddamn paradoxical your logic is. 
  • Your mistake somehow translates into my future. 
  • You think that me being independent is a bad way for me to be independent. 
  • Your fucking burrito bullshit should just die with the mouldy-fucking-bread. 
  • You are a raging bitch.

“A “moutza”, or mountza, (μούντζα) or “faskeloma”, “φασκέλωμα” is the most traditional gesture of insult among Greeks which consists of extending all fingers and presenting the palm towards the to-be-insulted person in a forward motion. It is often coupled with the expletives “να” (na), “παρ’τα” (par’ta) or “όρσε” (órse), meaning “here”, “take these” and “there you go”, respectively.”

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Starters - Fight Or Flight

But nothing kills that sinking feeling
That my best plan is just to keep drinking





Something I never knew I needed until now

Perfection in a post.

Bless this post.

Oh I remember these!

Thou pribbling, earth-vexing flax-wench.

I like this.

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we are a fucking mess

we fucked up more than anyone before us

we were so beautiful

I shouldn’t be apologetic.

Why do I feel guilty?

Because I care too much. Go figure. I mean, simple miscommunications, I would understand—but to trigger my moodswing, seriously? I’m careful, yet I get hurt. What is wrong with me?

I shouldn’t be apologetic. My feelings were hurt. They should understand that. Yet, I apologize. I shouldn’t apologize for feeling. I shouldn’t feel bad for myself when I seek to be better, ‘cause that just defeats the whole purpose.

I don’t want to be some wangsty asshole, “I’m so negative and gloomy nobody understands me wah </3 Pay attention to me.” No. I simply refuse. If people don’t want to understand me, or where I come from, or what I stand for, then fuck it. I shouldn’t care if they don’t.

But why do I still… care? I need to figure out my emotionality, somehow. I need to express better. I need to be better. That is all.

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